Ronika Stibbins Claim

I believe everyone deserves a safe and supportive environment, where they can process life experiences without feeling ashamed or judged.
During my undergraduate studies, I discovered that my level of patience and creativity helped young learners to problem solve and process information at
their own level. This was something that I wish I had experienced more during my own childhood. Growing up in a multigenerational African American household
I heard a lot about familial and societal issues that I did not present and overheard them.
Children are often described as silent witnesses. Life happens around them with very little explanation. Sometimes no explanation is needed, but what about those moments
when it is? When provided with a developmentally appropriate explanation, safe space, and support to process the situation, most get through it just fine. However, when faced with experiences
much bigger than they can comprehend and receiving little to no explanation and support to process, children’s minds and bodies hold on to those experiences.

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